Real Estate

Purchasing, Selling or Refinancing your

Home or Investment Property?

John has over 30 years of practice experience in all aspects of real estate including residential purchases, sales and refinances. John provides expert representation on purchase and sale transactions and has experience with all banks and mortgage companies. John also has extensive experience with private mortgages, acting for lenders and borrowers in private first, second and third mortgages.

He is proud to receive referrals from many banks, Trust companies and mortgage brokers.

Together with his experienced real estate staff, John provides fast and effective closings at competitive rates on all real estate transactions.

There are many steps involved in purchasing, selling or refinancing your home or investment property and John and his real estate staff, gladly take the time to answer all of your questions or concerns.

John meets with all of his clients to review and explain all of the real estate paperwork, ensuring all of his clients are knowledgeable and confident during this significant transaction.

Purchasing, Selling or Refinancing a

Commercial / Industrial Property?

John has vast experience with commercial/industrial property purchases, sales and refinances.

These transactions involve assignments of leases, various inspections and conditions to be met. With John’s experience in commercial / industrial real estate, he ensures the client’s best interests are a top priority.

John and his real estate staff’s main focus and goal is to have the transactions closed smoothly and successfully.

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